Who We Are

Adventerra Games was founded by educators, environmentalists, and gamers who share the belief that citizens of our planet must take responsibility for protection of our air, land, and water.

What We Do

The name “Adventerra” has two roots: “Adventure” and “Terra” (earth or soil). We create edutainment experiences where you discover how to save our planet while enjoying our games and activities.

Where We Work

Founded and located in multi-lingual Switzerland, we offer games in English, Italian, German, and French (and soon in Spanish). Please contact us if you want to translate the games into your language!

A new approach to game design and distribution.

Adventerra Games was founded to offer non-violent games with a social purpose, and game mechanics that are balanced between competition and social cooperation. This sector was chosen purposefully to attract new types of players to our games and simulations (eg., families, clubs, teams, and individuals with less aggressively competitive personalities). We hope that educators, parents, grandparents, and other friends and relatives who care about the environment will serve as ambassadors for our games.

Our games are produced and distributed with the aid of key partners around the world. Non-profit organizations such as greengames.org raise funds to cover the costs of distributing our games in schools, summer camps, and many other types of membership organizations. We solicit project funding from foundations, local and regional governments, municipal utilities, corporations to enable production and distribution of our games to their constituents, customers, and employees. Teachers and parents and ordinary citizens buy games and didactic kits and donate them to their local schools. Coming soon to this website… crowdfunding!

To bring everyone into the battle to save our planet, we hope to inspire other game designers to create new games that educate people about why and how to reduce their environmental footprints. Please contact us if you have an idea for an environmental game, whether or not you have any experience.

Environmental problems that Adventerra games help to solve.

“The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of our planet.” (President John F. Kennedy)

Fifty years later, JFK’s insight is still on target.  Adventerra Games are focused on the most important environmental problems in the hope that in another 50 years the planet will be less vulnerable.


Clean fresh water is the most precious commodity because it is essential to human life. The 1% of water that is fresh and accessible is mostly used in agriculture, mining, and industry, and as the world population increases there will not be enough water to produce enough food and consumer goods for everyone UNLESS farmers and miners and industrialists can produce more with less water, and consumers in wealthy countries can learn to reduce their direct and indirect consumption of water. Adventerra’s Watergame teaches exactly that, while also emphasizing the importance of sharing water resources with our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the developing world.


Of Earth’ s surface is water, of which…


is ocean water, but only…


of that is fresh and drinkable water


comes from renewable sources


comes from nuclear sources, and only


of energy consumed around the world comes from fossil fuels, whereas only


The most important renewable power sources are solar, wind, and hydroelectric, but other sources offer tremendous growth potential (e.g., geothermal, biomass, tidal, and wave power). Unfortunately most of our electricity is still produced by burning non-renewable fossil fuels, which take millions of years to regenerate. Combustion of fossil fuels also releases huge quantities of carbon dioxide into the air, which exacerbates the greenhouse effect and heats up our atmosphere, causing global climate change. Nuclear power plants involve health and safety risks related to accidents and toxic waste disposal, and also require huge amounts of scarce water for cooling. Adventerra’s Energy Hogs game teaches players how to conserve electricity, reducing the need to burn fossil and nuclear fuels.



The staff and volunteers at Adventerra Games are working to design, produce, and distribute exciting environmental games for classrooms that educate and motivate students in elementary, middle and high school to take individual action to solve local and global environmental problems.


Parents, grandparents, and other relatives and friends appreciate the social and intergenerational nature of Adventerra Games. Our games bring together family members of all ages to take individual and collective action to solve local and global environmental problems.


After playing an Adventerra game, many kids become ambassadors for the environment, encouraging other family members to make small changes to lifestyle in order to save water or energy. It’s hard for a parent to say NO to a kid who suggests turning the water tap off while brushing one’s teeth.