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Check out our line of cooperative and competitive board games!  With rich content and attractive designs, we teach kids and families how they can protect the planet and take action in their homes and communities.

WaterGame, gioco educativo sul tema dell'acqua, giochi didattici

Theme: water conservation

Will you be first to arrive at the mouth of the river without wasting too much water? Have fun with your friends as you float down a waterway filled with challenges. Your goal is to answer the questions correctly and become the best at conserving water... but you must be generous too, because you can't let your fellow players run dry. Let the negotiations begin!


Theme: recycling

Drive recycling trucks through streets and alleys, and take waste to the correct collection bins. Earn more points by collecting higher-value materials, but sort carefully!  If too many bins are left behind, useful stuff is incinerated and the whole town is in trouble.

Gioco educativo sul tema del riscaldamento globale, giochi educativi, giochi di cooperazione, giochi didattici

Theme: global warming

Players work together to clean up the planet and slow climate change, but the temperature rises with each turn. Can you and your friends slow it down before "Game Over" happens for you AND Planet Earth?  (This game is fun for adults too!)

Gioco educativo sul tema dell'energia elettrica, risparmio energia elettrica, giochi ludici, giochi educativi, giochi per bambini

Theme: energy saving 

Can you make your house more efficient before you spend all your money on energy? You and the other players own the house, so you’d better learn quickly. As you move through the game, decide which technologies are better for your wallet and the world. You'll realize you have real power to fight climate change!  

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