Ages 7 and up


Game components:

  • Game board

  • 67 playing cards

  • Money

  • 4 movement tokens

  • 4 marker discs

  • 3 dice

  • Rules


You and your friends have decided to buy an old house to renovate and live in.  You learn very quickly that the house leaks heat and wastes a lot of energy, which is damaging your planet and your savings accounts.

With a limited budget, will you figure out how to make the house as energy efficient as possible by changing your daily habits and investing in carefully selected products and services?

The game in brief


The board shows a small neighbourhood with your shared house and a few other buildings: the local Do It Yourself hardware store, the Appliance store, a small construction firm for larger projects, and the local Office of Energy Savings, with consultants to help you find the best ways to save energy.  You and the other players will move between these buildings during your turns to find and buy the most efficient products and services to reduce your energy consumption and bills.


Placed on top of the various rooms within the house and within several of the buildings are cards describing behaviours that the players can adopt to conserve energy (also in real life!). 


There are three types of cards:

Green cards: correct behaviours that save energy;

Red cards: incorrect behaviours that waste energy;

Yellow cards: products and services that the players can install in their house to make it more energy efficient.

Download the rules



The game sets two main objectives:

  1. Help the players and their families to correct their energy-wasting habits at home;

  2. Teach them the main sources of renewable energy and the new technologies that can help them make their houses more energy efficient.

By achieving these objectives during the game, the players learn how to save energy in their real homes to pollute less, emit less carbon dioxide, and save money for their families.

The rules of the game are easy to understand, but the challenge is to understand which investments in services will lead to the greatest energy savings.

Players learn...

  • Proper and improper use of energy

  • The economic and ecological effects of energy savings

  • The main sources of renewable energy

  • The new technologies that help you make your home very energy efficient

  • How to calculate the relative advantage of different investments to make best use of your limited capital available

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