A board game can speed the learning of various skills that lectures or other learning activities cannot achieve as effectively.

During the game, psychological barriers to learning vanish, allowing the subconscious to grasp values, and to permitting behavioral changes to become more deeply ingrained.

Adventerra Games are developed to be specific learning tools that are also a lot of fun to play. It is precisely for this reason that Adventerra has for many years actively participated in numerous environmental education projects in schools around the world.  Adventerra Games are designed to be easily integrated into various curricula.


  • Are you interested in exploring how Adventerra Games could be used in your school?

  • Are you looking for supportive educational material for your class?

  • Do you have a project in mind that we might be able to help you accomplish?

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We offer an inexpensive starter kit so you can test the games and have fun prior to placing a regular order.

Would you like to organize an event at your store or in your city?

The organization of events and day-long workshops is an excellent way to bring families to your store. It shows off your products and lets them know about the Adventerra brand.

Our team will help you organize demonstrations and tournaments that engage both young and old, putting at your disposition the necessary materials and offering our experience for an optimal result.

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We have always offered the possibility of producing personalized games in collaboration with other companies and organizations. In particular we offer:

  • Graphic personalization of one of our games with your logo and/or artwork

  • Development of a new game concept to satisfy a client’s needs

Some examples of past projects:

AMSA: A project developed with AMSA (Azienda Milanese Servizi Ambientali -- the Milan municipal environmental services company) to teach children how to sort their family’s solid waste for recycling

SORGENIA: A game developed to inform families about new and innovative home energy technologies and to illustrate the best behaviors to conserve energy at home.

SSES & Fondo Clima Lugano Sud: A project aimed at all the schools in Canton Ticino, Switzerland. The objective was to empower middle and high school students to do what they can to slow global warming.

CESVI: The objective of this project pairing schools in different continents was to focus attention on the importance of water for the community and water saving and water wasting behaviors.

MAESTRI DI STRADA Onlus: The scope of the project was to educate children about healthy nutrition and to teach them, by means of direct experience, the life cycle of a plant. The kit contained three colored pencils and three compressed discs of potting soil. Children listen to a fable while coloring illustrations about it, and then plant the pencils in the disks and leave them on the balcony to sprout.

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