Ages 7 and up


  Game components:

  • Game board

  • 36 cards

  • 30 quiz cards

  • 4 movement pieces

  • 5 water markers

  • 1 die

  • Rules


Save your community’s water from the water monster!  Navigate the river while you try to save as much water as possible and help out your thirsty neighbors.  Get help from Ted the frog to learn the best ways to save water.  Be careful though, as the water monster will play lots of tricks, giving you bad advice to make you lose your carefully saved water!

The game in brief

Players move along the river based on rolls of the die, ending their turns on green or red zones and taking a card of the same color. 

Green cards list positive actions that they can take to save water, which accumulates in their personal water tank, marked with an indicator on the board edge. 

Red cards warn them about bad water-wasting habits that will reduce the water in their cisterns.

Some cards require the player to draw the next blue “quiz” card and answer a question about water in the world.  Depending on their answer, their positions on the river may change for better or worse!

When all the players have arrived at the river mouth, the winner is the one with the most water in her or his personal water tank.

HOWEVER, nobody wins if any player finishes the trip with less than ten gallons of water.  This rule creates an incentive for water-rich players to donate to the community water jug, from which water-poor players may drink when they need to.

Download the rules


Watergame is an educational board game where kids learn to change their daily habits to save water.  The game helps them learn about good water-saving habits, and helps them avoid bad water-wasting habits.

The game includes a difficult challenge — will they learn how to work together to finish the game without leaving a thirsty neighbor behind?  This lesson in teamwork goes well beyond the lessons about personal behavior; kids learn that water is not just a scarce economic good, but that access to water is a civil right.

Players learn...

  • The water cycle and its importance

  • The main ways that water is saved and wasted

  • Correct daily habits to save water

  • The main causes of water pollution

  • Water polluting behaviors to avoid

  • Why and how to cooperate, even in a competitive game

  • The cards give kids a chance to practice their reading and arithmetic

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